Copyright © 2000-2001 All rights reserved. Genealogists may use the information provided in these pages for personal use. These pages, and the information contained within them, may not be copied for commercial use. Individuals contributing information, retain ownership of their information, for whatever purposes. The BFA reserves the right to distribute this information, in alternative forms and for sale, for the purposes of supporting this non-profit organization.


Additional "normal english" intentions, should questions arrise.  (Written for clarification 1/14/2001 by Cynthia (Katzman) Bowlby - NOT Esq.)

1.  ...personal use...:  We try to do all we can to encourage every researcher to use this information as a guide, but not to assume it is accurate.  Obtaining primary source material, and carefully scrutinizing claimed information about your ancestors is fundamental to good genealogy research.

2.  ...commercial use...:  This is meant to discourage software companies and commercial genealogy sites who charge for access, from lifting the content of these pages and re-selling them.  It is not meant to discourage individual genealogists and family members interested in publishing their own work *along* with properly sourced and credited work not just from this site, but sourcing the contributor to this site!  We try very hard to give credit where credit is due!

We greatly encourage family members and researchers to preserve the history, and do not mean to restrict or discourage individual publications.  Indeed, anyone who has anything to distribute/sell is encouraged to provide description and how to obtain the publication, and it will be posted on at the

3.  Individuals... retain ownership...:  You gave it, you own it.  In addition, if at anytime a person wants information they contributed to be removed from the site, and the site is still being actively maintained, they need only ask.

4.  ...distribute this information, in alternative forms and for sale...:  The intention of this site and the organization is to explore and preserve our family history for future generations.  The hope of the organization is to distribute that information in physical book or periodical publications and associated CD, as well as on the web site.  It is also considered that living researchers and relatives are, in general, more comfortable with their factual information being shared, especially within the context of the family, in the inherently limited distribution forms such as physical book or periodical and CD, vs. the virtually unbridled distribution afforded by the posting of information on web sites or open forums. Prior to publications sponsored by the organization, efforts may be made to secure more formal permissions for the use of information for publication.  Until then, we hope people read this and understand the intent of the organization before contributing content.

The organization behind this site as of January 14, 2001, consists of 6 board members elected December 15, 2000 by a ballot vote of a pre-existing membership and current membership, a current membership consisting of 33 members, and an associated, non-dues paying association with over 100 descendant researchers thought to have been properly placed within the family tree, and some 50 researchers, historians, and likely descendants, who participate in a variety of ways.

Financial information, membership lists, and other board activities and projects, are posted on this web site available to all.